NAME: Andi
AGE: 25
PRONOUNS: They / them

I go by Andi. I live in the west coast of the US.
I do art for a living.

Once in a blue moon, I will play a video game or two.

I basically do that all day until I go to sleep.

I live with my boyfriend Joey, who I've been with for 6 years. We are both creative types so our office is the epicenter of our interests, hobbies and work.

Once in a while, I try to do something other than art, as I like to test the waters of different kinds of mediums.

One day it's music, another day it's animating, sometimes it's trying game development. I tend to rotate those interests and eventually I get a new skill.

I am interested in all things related to unreality, weirdcore, surrealism. I enjoy seeing visuals that evoke strong feelings and those tend to be the ones that I'm drawn to. I don't align with any religion but there is a spiritual side of me. I believe the universe offers a lot more than we think.

I like to read angsty, melancholic psychological stories. Ever since I was young, I've always indulged in bittersweet topics. Those stories always stick with me.

My music taste is very scattered but genre's I like range from alternative hip hop, bedroom pop, nu-jazz, indie, alt rock, bossa, gabber, hardcore, speedcore, breakcore, etc. Lots of them don't have proper genre names though.

I don't play video games as much as I used to. I do love rgpmaker games a lot. They're niche and very innovative. I plan to develop a visual novel game myself! I will admit, I have issue's completing projects, but I hope to go through with it soon!

I hate to admit it, but I have a really hard time staying steady with all the creative things I want to do. I have several issues going on in the brain that make it difficult to keep up with things. It's been a life long struggle. However, I have gotten by the best I possibly could, and I think things will continue looking up. It feels like such a priviledge to be able to live off my art. There is nothing else I'd rather do but that.

I can't give total credit to myself. I wouldn't be where I am if Joey wasn't here. He is very talented as well, and a genius even.

Joey does computer science and programming and art as well. I'd appreciate if you checked him out.

Anyway, thats all I got. I'm sure theres more for me to describe about myself, but I'm not that best at finding things to talk about.

I'll update this when I remember anything else lol.


All the manga I own, and yes I own 2 copies of FLCL and Galaxy Angel. The first copy of Galaxy Angel is over a decade old, so I bought a new undamaged one.

Starting a fridge magnet collection, heres what I have so far.


I have a deep love for old rpgmaker games. My most cherished memories as a young teen were playing rpgmaker games, notably ones like Yume Nikki, .Flow, Yume 2kki, Ib, Witch's House and many others. They are my main source of inspiration.

When I was about 12-13, I was really into anime and I would watch any anime I could possibly find on comcast anime network. Since we couldn't really afford to purchase anime on demand, my parents let me buy this dvd. It was a dubbed Di gi Charat Nyo dvd with 8 episodes. Me and my sister watched those 8 episodes for YEARS. It was something we used as white-noise to go to sleep. Its an important piece of my child hood and when I visited my hometown in 2021, we played that DVD again! Rabi-en-rose is my favorite character and I intend to make a shrine of her at some point.

Recently, anything by Joel G has become a great interest of mine. I love his work and his ability to make you watch a 8 minute animation at least 20 times. I love Ena too. She's super cute and I love how she has two counterparts. I'm looking forward to anything else he's creating. This project introduced me to Metaroom and I've been obsessed since.

I can't skip out on classic vocaloid. I should really consider making a personal playlist of every vocaloid song I've ever listened to, especially the super old ones from 10 years ago. Niconicodouga had some gems.

This will be updated when I remember other things I like!

Other notable interests: Evangelion, Osamu Tezuka, PS1 video games, GBA games, Sonic, Games and Music by Toby Fox, Making music (or at least trying to), Rhythm Games, Old DS games, Gamedev, Old Internet, Liminal spaces